Who is Joe Carr?

Joe Carr is a conservative state representative from Middle Tennessee. Rep. Carr is also a farmer, small businessman, husband of 30 years, father to Joe Jr., Maddie and Erin, a grandfather and a man of faith. Joe and Ginny own Cedar Snag Farms, a 95-acre farm in Lascassas, Tennessee just a stones throw from Murfreesboro in Rutherford County.

Joe is also a strong leader. He believes elected officials are elected to lead and must lead on principle. First elected in 2008, Joe immediately began championing free enterprise reforms to help create jobs, promote small business and create a better environment for Tennesseans to raise their families. He spearheaded the movement to protect Tennessee families from the federal government¹s dereliction of duty in fighting back against illegal immigration. He understands illegal immigration punishes law-abiding Tennessee taxpayers and hurts Tennesseans struggling to find work to keep a roof over their kids¹ heads and put food on the table.

Carr’s leadership, sometimes at odds with leaders in his own party, resulted in Tennessee enacting the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country. Carr also led the charge to eliminate the death tax and crafted the captive insurance bill. His legislative accomplishments have helped Tennessee become the 4th most business ­friendly state in the nation.

But Joe understands that enacting more legislation doesn’t translate into solving all our problems. To the contrary, he identifies deeply with President Ronald Reagan’s assessment that too often “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.” Carr believes in limited and less government and that our self-evident rights as enumerated in our Constitution come from God, not from government. He views the governments’ role is to protect our God-given rights.

As a lifetime National Rifle Association member, Joe deeply believes in the importance of the 2nd amendment and understands it is essential to preserving liberty in America. He understands the founders intended to craft the 2nd amendment, so Americans could protect themselves against an oppressive government in addition to self-defense. Joe understands the 2nd Amendment is fundamentally the guardian of the Bill of Rights.

Joe also believes our self-evident rights, as enumerated in the Constitution, come from God—not from government, and that it’s the governments’ responsibility to protect our God-given rights. He believes those rights extend to the unborn. Carr is strongly pro-life, pro-adoption and possesses a 100% pro-life voting record.

The primary reason Joe is running for the U. S. Senate is that he’s a voter just like the rest of us. And he’s frustrated with leaders in Washington failing to lead America back to its first principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty, and free and fair markets. Joe believes the states find better solutions to our problems than the federal government. That’s why he feels strongly about the 10th amendment, and returning more decisions to the states where there are more competing ideas and “laboratories of democracy.”

Joe believes as Ronald Reagan did: “Man is not free unless government is limited.” Less government means more freedom. Joe understands clearly that Washington is broken, and in order to fix Washington, we must empower the states to tackle the problems we face, just as our founders intended.

In summary, Joe Carr is a conservative fighter, and he’s itching to take on the Washington establishment to lead America back to its core principles. In order to accomplish that goal, he’s raising an army of grassroots activists. And we’re calling on Tennessee Volunteers to help us. Please donate to our cause at www.CarrforTN.com/donate and volunteer to join our effort.